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Client Love

Want to hear from my clients?

I can create endless content to highlight the impact of coaching with me, and the results we could create together, but I know if you're considering business coaching that it's most likely one of the biggest investments you're going to make in your business, and yourself. 

I want to do all I can to help you make the next right step in your business, so if a little reassurance is what you need, here are just a small handful of testimonials from my beautiful clients.


Emily Thompson

Stop thinking about it and just do it! There is only so much you can Google and only so many free courses you can consume, but nothing will beat 1-2-1 coaching.
Suzy has been there to cheer me on when new clients sign and pick me up on those days when I've been having a bit of a 'wobble'. Her support and advice are invaluable and after every coaching call, I come away feeling so motivated and driven because her enthusiasm to see me succeed is undeniable.
Working with Suzy as a business coach has literally changed my life! Not only because I have gone from redundancy to fully booked in my business (in less than 6 months!) but because she doesn't just focus on business, she also helps you focus on your mindset and daily routine so you have the life and business that you have always dreamed of.


Amy Green

I decided to work with Suzy because I knew she could take me from being a business owner to becoming a successful business owner. Her experience as an entrepreneur and her relatable approach to coaching elevates you to a place where you think clearer; you make smarter decisions, and you take action in areas of your life and business that you wouldn't have before. Suzy's belief in you is infectious. I leave every session with her feeling empowered and ready to take the next step, and if I have a wobble, she is there to lift me back up again. I have seen changes in myself, and my business that I genuinely feel wouldn't have happened without Suzy's encouragement, advice and expertise. I would not hesitate to recommend Suzy to anyone who wants to have a successful and fulfilling business.


Heledd Kendrick

As the CEO and Founder I reached out to Suzy as we were in a period of quick growth, I started to work with Suzy on a number of processes in the business, Suzy has the unique gift from her experience to be able very quickly to see a 'birds-eye view' of your company, predicting potential hazards that you may not see.
Her practical way to cut through the noise and focus on delivery is incredible, Suzy gets your mindset right, understanding the pressures we are against as Mothers and Military spouses. Suzy has transformed the areas she has helped in, she has a unique gift we will definitely be using her again!
Suzy is a champion of Mothers in business and genuinely wants you to do well, she takes real pride in her work with you, your success is her success.

Screenshot 2021-01-28 at 09.23.33.png

Abbie Sorabjee

Working with Suzy in the Thrive Academy has been incredibly motivational and inspiring for both me and my business. When I first started working with Suzy I was floundering about trying to make my business work, but over the past few months, Suzy has supported me to get clear direction and helped me create a business I am proud of. I look forward to every phone call with Suzy, as I know I will leave feeling full of confidence that I can achieve my goals whatever life throws at me!

Claire Cole Pathfinder.jpg

Claire Cole

I’ll be completely honest, when I first came across Suzy Olivier and Mothers Of Enterprise, I was sceptical. I had just sold one successful 7-figure business and was setting up another – what could Suzy teach me that I didn’t already know?
I couldn’t have been more wrong!
Our initial meeting was to address social media and to refine my website – the only areas I believed I needed help with at the time. However, that meeting led to me signing up for weekly coaching and the total re-evaluation of not just my business but my whole mindset and approach to life in general.
Through our weekly coaching sessions, Suzy walked me through business fundamentals I hadn’t previously considered, she boosted my confidence, introduced me to mindset techniques to help me see through the fog of the life/work juggle, and she became a friend.
Our meetings were of huge benefit for both my business - helping me build the belief in myself and my product to secure more than one £10k+ month, and personally – sometimes we would just talk about family and the strains of being a working mum.
Suzy has an amazing ability to help you see yourself from a different perspective – she unlocks that potential hidden in all of us. And, through mindset, affirmations and mantras, together with her exhaustive knowledge, she can help you turn a business musing into a viable enterprise.
I really can’t recommend Suzy and Mothers Of Enterprise enough!

jessica .png

Jessica Brown

Working with Suzy has been one of the best decisions I could have made. Her business expertise are second-to-none, and in terms of metrics, the results speak for themselves: after just 2 months working with her, my client base has increased, my revenue has more than tripled and I am now booked up until next year. However, what is perhaps more amazing is the change in my mindset. Thanks to Suzy, I feel more confident, positive and focused – life just feels better! Having Suzy as my coach has undoubtedly had an incredible impact on my business and my life. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her.


Maria Stefanidi

By the end of our first call with Suzy, my instinct was shouting that working with her would be an absolutely brilliant idea! I liked EVERYTHING about her and after 4 months of having her as my coach, I am thrilled to inform you that my instinct was right all along!

I clearly needed help, guidance and support with creating my new business and Suzy was (and still is) the coach for me!

She is there for me to share her invaluable knowledge and experience, to make me feel good and proud about the things I accomplish and all the efforts I make, to remind me of my value, to help me shift my mindset and much more. Keep in mind that she does all that in an enjoyable and fun way by using her great sense of humour!

You will be amazed at what you can accomplish when Suzy is your coach! I certainly am!


Claire Willsher

Working with Suzy in the Thrive Academy gave both me and my business a real boost.


Having Suzy share her expert knowledge weekly has been invaluable to point me in the right direction, prioritise my tasks and professionalise my business.

As a result I have designed and developed new offerings including a broader range of health coaching programs to reach a wider audience. I have gained in confidence, and the business has grown as a result… thank you Suzy for making this possible.


Randa El-Feki

Choosing to work with Suzy was by far the best business decision I’ve made.
A complete game changer!
Suzy just knew how to bring out the best in me. Her experience as a mother, businesswoman and coach just meant she understood me and my struggles as an overly ambitious mother with no clue how to run a business and with lots of mindset gremlins.
But that’s all a thing of the past, as with Suzy holding me accountable for all my business choices and strategies, I simply have a renewed unstoppable attitude.
My business is now generating more leads thanks to Suzy’s great guidance on forward planning and tactics, and I even have people on my waiting lists!
Suzy is magnificent, real gold! She is so lovely to work with and such a gem of a find. She will forever be my inspiration and coach.


You really can do this, but going at it alone and trying to figure everything out yourself can feel like endless hard work and overwhelm.

Let's stop the "one size fits all" approach to business.

Coaching is not (when it's done properly) simply having someone telling you what worked for them and advising you to repeat it.

It's 100% tailored and customised to your specific needs and preferences. Together we'll design strategies for you that will create a business and lifestyle that you absolutely adore.

Let's work together to build your amazing and successful business while feeling aligned, energised, and passionately connected to your vision and values. 

You really can have it all, you just need to be willing to take that step of faith and bet on yourself succeeding.

How would you like to work together?

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If you'd like to have a friendly chat about your business and how I can help, book in for a completely free and no obligation 20min "get to know you" call. Or feel free to get in touch via email or DM.

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