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Are you sabotaging your own success?

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

I’ve got a big one for you today… are you sabotaging your own success?

Are you in some weird and not so wonderful way of getting in your own way of succeeding?

You see, your subconscious mind rules the day. For the most part, it rules your emotions, your intentions, your actions and your future. Your subconscious runs on programmes (AKA beliefs/thought habits), it doesn’t necessarily have awareness of good or bad, it only has these programmes to run on, a bit like a computer - it does what it’s programmed to do. Too often these programmes are negative, especially for women (more on that another day). These programmes from your perspective are your comfort zone… again this doesn’t mean your comfort zone is a good place, or where you want to be in life.

Now, there are 2 main ways your thoughts/mindset can sabotage your success. The first way you can self-sabotage is unknowingly having a negative belief about your success, or what it takes to achieve it.

I once had a very successful physical product business. I had lots of lovely orders coming in every day. And every day at 4.30pm I’d go into my office and package all the orders for the 6pm post collection. But no matter how hard I tried, how much I pushed my marketing, how much more money I threw on FB ads etc, the business plateaued. I had roughly the same amount of orders coming in every day, and nothing I did seemed to increase it.

Now at this stage of my life, I was deep into mindset work and personal development. I knew about the Law of Attraction, goal setting, meditating, journaling etc… but what I wasn’t overly good at is hunting down limiting beliefs.

The big obvious ones I had already worked through, but what I didn’t realise is there are some that are so under the radar we don’t realise they’re there. Their only sign is that despite your very best efforts and ticking all the other mindset/Law of Attraction boxes, your intentions simply don’t manifest, you feel blocked or you keep experiencing the same type of situation/experience over and over again.

So, when I realised this must be what’s happening with me, I did some deep personal work (more on this in a minute). I realised that I had this tiny underlying fear that getting more orders would mean more work and at the time my daughters were really young and I simply didn’t have any more time I could put into the business.

So my wonderful subconscious mind was steering my intentions/my actions and even the work I was creating to ensure the thing I feared didn’t manifest, it was protecting me.

When I realised this, I could take action.

I got help with the orders, I changed my delivery times from ‘next day’ to 1-3 days to alleviate the pressure that every single order had to be packaged and posted on the same day, and voila. More orders came in and the business grew... literally overnight.