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EP71:How To Break Free From The "Always Busy" Trap & Rewrite Your Rules For Achieving Success

Getting open, honest and very real about my personal struggle with toxic productivity and unhealthy rules about success that I’ve been “doing the work” to rewrite for myself.

For this deeply needed conversation, I invited my friend, fellow coach and military spouse Georgie Muir from Chasing Lobsters to share her insightful wisdom and experience.

Join us as we dive into…

  • Why so many women struggle with the ‘let it be easy’ notion around achieving success

  • How we can change what we believe to ensure we’re building our businesses and careers in a really authentic and healthy way

  • How to dismantle the feeling of needing to “earn” rest or “deserve” time off

  • Giving yourself permission to acknowledge when things don’t feel good and leaning into messy action to move the needle in the direction of where you really want to be, and more importantly, how you want to feel

  • Learning to feel content and calm WITHOUT getting everything ticked off your list first

  • Rewriting the negative narrative around laziness, when actually it’s needed and important restfulness

  • What daily actions you can take to check in with yourself to make sure you’re leading your life and business with intention and grace


Oh ladies, I’m so excited to bring this conversation to you and shed some much-needed light on this struggle that so many of us have.

Get those journals open for this one, sit back, and enjoy some REST as you join us for this value-packed episode.

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In other news…

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Suzy XO


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