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Episode 13: How to navigate the business coaching industry to make the best investment of your money

There’s nothing worse than parting with your beautiful cash and taking that scary leap to bet on yourself, only to find out the investment was a pooper.

I’ve been there (more times than I’d like to admit) and I don’t want others to fall into the same pitfalls as I did.

As a business owner who’s spent the last decade investing in coaching programmes, courses, masterminds etc, and now being a coach myself, I’ve got a unique perspective from being on both sides of the fence when it comes to making really solid and successful choices when it comes to getting support in my business.

So if you’ve been burnt by the coaching industry (believe me you’re not the only one!) or maybe you’re contemplating making your first or next investment to get support for yourself and your business, then this episode is going to serve you so much!!

By simply asking yourself a few questions and being aware of marketing tactics that are SO often used in the industry, you’ll be beyond equipped to make the best decision about where you invest your cash, time and energy.

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Suzy XO


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