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Episode 18: The “positive mindset” myth that keeps so many business owners trapped

The world of online business is beyond saturated with mindset tips, tricks, hacks, formulas, codes etc. There’s definitely no shortage of motivational quotes and feel-good content filling our feeds!

Then when we combine all of that with SO many sharing their epic income of 10K days, 100K months and everything in-between and beyond, you’d think we should all be revved up and unstoppable, right?

I believe it’s quite the opposite. From my experience as a serial entrepreneur for over 15 years and supporting others in their businesses for the last 4 years, a trend I keep seeing over and over again (especially with my fellow mums in business) is that they feel more stuck, confused and frustrated than ever before.

In this episode I’m sharing why consuming endless “positive mindset” and income focused content can actually lead to LESS results (and enjoyment) in your business, and how to navigate the “shiny object syndrome” of bouncing from coach to coach, course to course and strategy to strategy.

So while I fully support us all to share our wins and achievements (especially those beautiful income milestones!), this episode is for the women who keep longing to experience their own epic and exciting share-worthy wins but feel trapped with self-doubt and confusion, and how to navigate their own journey and mindset to unlock their own success on their own terms.

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