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Episode 19: BTS: How I’m navigating business growth and (an almost!) stress-free life as a mama of 3

I know you don’t need *another* woman on social media showing how picture-perfect her life is and how she “does it all” with Pinterest worthy hair and Vogue worthy outfits…

So I’m not here to perpetuate any kind of “perfect life as a mother” notions because quite frankly it’s mostly BS. What I am here to do is quite simply pull the curtain back on what’s working really well for me in my life as I’m navigating this new season with baby no.3 and continue to grow my business.

From a personal perspective with how my husband and I are managing our time and relationship (he’s currently on 6 months of shared parental leave which is a new experience for us!), to what I feel has really been the key for me to enjoying this new phase with baby Gabriella while still having space and time to focus on myself and my goals.

And from a business perspective, from the big decisions and strategies within the business that have made all the difference to allow me to still be available for baby while the business keeps soaring, and the intention and focus that’s catered for a 5-figure launch just 2 weeks after returning from maternity leave.

I’m sharing it all in this episode in the hope it gives you some insight into what happens in this beloved business and some value, tips and nuggets of wisdom to help you navigate any life changes or simply keep growing your business around the joys of family life.

In other news…

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