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Episode 28: Why I nearly quit the coaching industry and what I decided to do instead

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

It’s true, not long ago I genuinely contemplated quitting the coaching industry as I felt so disillusioned with the way things were going and the latest trend of what I believe is toxic money goals.

So in this episode, I’m sharing exactly what my concerns are for women looking to be coached or supported in the business, and just how to navigate the industry so you don’t get trapped in meaningless goals that ultimately leave you constantly feeling like you don’t measure up.

I’ll also be breaking down exactly why I didn’t end up quitting and the direction I’ve decided to take the business in instead to lead the change that I’d love to see.

My intention for this episode is that you’ll walk away from this one with a renewed sense of trust in your own journey, and reinvigorated goals that are centred on your mission to serve and not purely numbers in your bank balance or some sky-high income milestone that you’ve been pressured to chase. I’m ALL for women making bank and experiencing abundant wealth, but there are more enjoyable and integrity-filled ways to achieve that, and I hope this episode highlights what could mean for you and your business.

As promised…

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