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Episode 38: The Toxic "Feminine" Marketing Trends That Need to Stop

The world of online marketing, especially the coaching industry, is packed full of trends that come and go. As someone who’s been building businesses for over 15 years, I’ve seen A LOT. From the rise (and fall) of “bro marketing”, to the birth of “feminine energy” focused sales and content and everything in between.

Many trends run their course with no harm caused, but the latest trend of “fem marketing” is causing problems and pain, and that’s not ok.

So I’m bringing light to this conversation that needs to happen about what it really means to market with honestly, integrity and heart.

Plus I’ll be highlighting the awful traps and cunningly disguised marketing language that’s being used right now in the light of “being in feminine energy” that’s creating the worst kind of selling environment (yes worse than bro marketing techniques) for prospective clients like you and me.

So, apologies that this isn’t my usual feel good content, but this conversation needs to be started and this trend needs to stop.

In other news…

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