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Episode 4: To the woman who’s afraid to start

This episode is an extra special one because in all honesty, it’s the advice I needed to hear in the past when I’ve been the woman who’s afraid to start.

Today’s episode is direct from the heart based on 15 years of moving through the fear and imposter syndrome paralysis that keeps us from taking the leap of faith and stepping up to achieve the things we really want both in life and business.

This episode is for you if you’ve got that business idea that you can’t seem to shake or maybe you’ve already started your business but it just doesn’t feel good, and it all feels like a bit of struggle and uphill battle.

By the end of these 20 minutes together, my hope and prayer for you is that you’re going to walk away with a renewed outlook and understanding that dealing with fear and insecurities is as normal as having to pay taxes when it comes to business, and that it’s 100% possible for you to move through those feelings and create something truly exceptional.

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Suzy XO

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