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Episode 41: Are you fixing the right problems in your business?

Ok, I’m not saying your business is broken, but I am saying that there are probably parts to your business, or your current results that you’re not all together loving right now.

It’s so easy to think you know what you need to do in order to “fix” things (so easy that I fell into this trap myself very recently, I explain all in the episode!), when actually you might be leading yourself down road to even more crappy results or overwhelm.

In this episode I’m sharing the questions to ask yourself when you feel there’s a part to your business that needs a little TLC or upgrading to ensure you invest your time, energy and money into the right things and not add even more unnecessary frustration to your plate.

I also share the 2 main questions your potential clients and customers are thinking about when they consume your content or encounter your offers.

So notebooks at the ready for this one, as you’re going to walk away with so much clarity and a fresh perspective when it comes to “troubleshooting” your business.

In other news…

My brand new all-in-one business programme DREAM BUSINESS SCHOOL is open for enrolment 👇👇👇

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As always, wishing you all the success & happiness that life has to offer,

Suzy XO


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