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Episode 43: My daily mindset routine as a mother of 3, and the most important part I'm focusing....

A little BTS to what exactly I’m doing to ensure my mindset is my no.1 asset for not only turbocharging my business success and growth, but ensuring I stay calm, overwhelm-free (most of the time!) and soulfully filled up now that I’m back in the world of babies, breastfeeding and sleepless nights.

I’ve always preached about how important it is that your mindset routine WORKS FOR YOU and to allow yourself to figure out what’s BEST FOR YOU, and in this episode, I’m walking you through exactly how I apply that to my own life, especially now as my lifestyle and routines have been a little changed up by the arrival of baby Gabriella.

I’m also sharing what my no.1 focus is within my mindset practice, and why I think it’s crucial to allow for success not only in your business but in your life. This one thing has a magical ability to almost instantly relieve the pressure and stress and allows you to feel soul-level nourished and supported - which in my world means you’re going to show up and lead your life in the best way possible, and in the way where success and business growth happen almost (dare I say it!...) automatically.

You’re going to walk away from this episode with a renewed enthusiasm to recreate (or create if it’s your first time!) your own mindset practice and with a fresh understanding of what the real purpose of it all is and why it’s just so crucial if you want to run your business free of overwhelm, stress and pressure.

In other news…

Got an idea for a business but not sure where to start? Or maybe you’ve started but you have you’re not totally confident you’ve covered those crucial start up bases? I got you beautiful lady!

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As always, wishing you all the success & happiness that life has to offer,

Suzy XO


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