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Episode 64: Creating a Thriving Business & Marriage as a Military Spouse & Mother with Lindsay Cavan

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Military spouse, wife, mother, business owner - there are a lot of challenges that come with those titles, but in today’s episode, I’m introducing you to an amazing inspirational woman who’s showing us how to thrive and not simply survive as we navigate those challenges.

For this special episode, I’m joined by Dr Lindsay Cavanagh, psychologist, Military Marriage Coach, podcast host, and fellow military spouse.

Lindsay shares her journey to becoming an entrepreneur, how she’s learnt to create a business that serves her ideal life and what her days look like as a busy mama of 2 with a wonderful business impacting so many.

Join us as we talk all things deployments, how to keep your marriage healthy, the importance of creating programmes that serve you AND your clients and how to enjoy the process, and SO much more.

Plus Lindsay’s introducing us to her brand-new course In The Trenches - Mastering Deployment for a Stronger Marriage - click here to find out all about it!

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