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Episode 66: The Real Impact Of Sleep Deprivation & How To Get Your Little One To Sleep With Emma Rob

Not our usual business-themed episode today folks, but something more important than any strategy or mindset hack… sleep!

I’ve invited my favourite baby sleep expert and mama coach to join me for a much-needed conversation about really understanding the true impact of sleep deprivation (spoiler: feeling overwhelmingly exhausted is only one of the MANY side effects), and more importantly what we can actually do about it when it comes to getting our littles ones to sleep soundly through the night.

Tune in to discover:

  • The many diverse ways sleep deprivation impacts our health, relationships and life

  • Why sleep training is a choice, and how to feel empowered around that decision

  • The variety of ways to sleep train that don’t involve “controlled crying” or anything that feels uncomfortable for you or your little one

  • Emma’s expert advice on several of your questions about dealing with nighttime wakeups or little ones who don’t like bedtime!

  • Why it’s never too late to support your kids to sleep well

  • How to create really healthy sleep hygiene habits

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