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Episode 7: Why getting visible might not be the fix you're looking for, and what to focus on instead

I love supporting my clients to create amazingly effective visibility strategies, but where I see so many entrepreneurs slipping up is when they think getting more visible with their business is the solution to all their problems.

So keep your finger off that ‘‘boost post’ button in FB or IG! I know it’s tempting to think “f I can just get more eyes on my content/website then I’ll start making sales” but it’s simply not always the case.

⁠For many businesses, visibility isn't what they need.⁠

You see visibility is like fuel on a fire.⁠

The fire already needs to be lit and burning, otherwise, you're just wasting time and money dumping fuel on nothing.⁠

So in today’s episode, I’ll be breaking down exactly what that fire is and how to know if yours is burning! And if it’s not, I’ll of course be providing you with all the tools and tips to know how to get it burning so you can walk away from this episode and immediately put it all into action.

Your precious time needs to be spent on the right things your business, but if you're not sure what those "right things" are, I’d love to invite you to book in for my Business Clinic so we can assess and diagnose exactly what your business needs to thrive!

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