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Episode 8: The Mindset Behind Earning More

As I always say, there’s no strategy that can outrun or outperform your mindset.

So in today’s episode, I’ll be unpacking exactly how to discover what limiting beliefs you might have lurking around your subconscious about not only earning more but being able to comfortably hold that money AKA not sabotaging the heck out of it when it arrives.

I promise this isn’t a glorified woo-woo feel-good pep talk that leaves you with the warm fuzzies for 3 minutes and then it’s back to cold harsh reality. I’ll be sharing exactly what you need to do to create the mental and physical environment for money to flow into your life in a way that's sustainable and scalable because there’s no point in earning more if you feel like it’s pushing you to the brink of overwhelm to attain it.

So get that drink ready, open up your journal and let’s dive in to creating your ultimate money mindset!

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As always, wishing you all the success & happiness that life has to offer,

Suzy XO

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2 commentaires

Lee Mowlem
Lee Mowlem
16 avr. 2022

Another corker of an episode Suzy XX

Suzy Olivier
Suzy Olivier
17 avr. 2022
En réponse à

Thank you SO much Lee! ❤️

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