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What's the Power Hour all about?

Mentoring + coaching all rolled into one power session to get you on your way.


Ever wish you could just “pick the brains” of an expert and get some genuine guidance and advice about your business?


This Power Hour session is just that!


One hour to focus on whichever part of your business you’d like support on or we can look at your whole business and together work out what needs some attention.


You’ll leave this session with clarity, focus, renewed enthusiasm, and full confidence that you’re working in the right direction.


Plus, if you loved your Power Hour session and decide that you want to take your experience and journey with business coaching further with the Thrive Academy, I’ll credit the cost of your Power Hour against your chosen Thrive Academy coaching programme.

Happy client feedback!

Image by Arnel Hasanovic

What's the investment?

Coaching should always be viewed as an investment and not just another business cost.

With the right guidance, support and accountability coaching has the ability to catapult your business into success and income beyond your expectations.


Total £540

Unlike the Thrive Academy, there's no waiting list for Power Hours, so get yourself booked in and let's get to work!

What else is on the menu?

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