Ah the humble canvas tote bag.


Carries anything, breaks for nothing (well, don't try and break it with 200kg of lead or anything weird like that), can be filled with those toys that will hush your kiddies during a lunch out, or maybe can carry those bananas and milk home from the store. Or maybe, just maybe it could be filled with stuff for you. 


Whatever wonders you'll choose to fill your future MOTHER of Enterprise tote with (yup, here again, we dropped the 's' from our logo to make it all about you and your enterprising wonders!), this bag will shine your title of amazingness to the world, and we really mean shine!... not in a tacky that's too shimmery kinda way, in the "oh wow I like her bag" kinda way.


Product info:

Height: 41cm

Height with handles: 71cm

Width: 37cm

​​​​​​​100% cotton



MOTHER of Enterprise Tote Bag - Black