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What's the Thrive Academy all about?

The Thrive Academy is a 6 month one on one coaching programme for the woman who's serious about her business and making her dreams of success a reality.

A woman who's committed to doing what it takes to grow her business into a profitable, purpose-driven empire that positively impacts those she works with (and more!) and brings with it a healthy abundant income.

What does the programme offer?

These are just a few of the elements and topics we'll work through together. This is in no way a comprehensive list as each business and client will have their own unique preferences, goals and challenges. This list serves as a brief overview.


Discovering what mindset beliefs and thoughts might be holding you back, and creating an action plan to address and overcome them.


Transforming your daily habits that aren't serving you to allow for optimal productivity, self-care and success in both business and life.


Designing your success blueprint and setting goals to make it happen.


Gain clarity on who your ideal customer/client is and how to create compelling content to attract and convert them.


Ensuring your products/services are aligned with your goals and ideal customer/client.


Creating a social media and email marketing content plan that saves you time, enhances your efforts and gets results!


Designing exciting strategies to maintain growth once we've got a winning formula in your business and marketing plans.

Working with Suzy as a business coach has literally changed my life! Not only because I have gone from redundancy to fully booked in my business (in less than 6 months!) but because she doesn't just focus on business, she also helps you focus on your mindset and daily routine so you have the life and business that you have always dreamed of.

Emily Thompson | Socially Styled

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What does the programme include?


1-hour clarity and direction call. This allows us to truly understand what you want from your business, what success looks like to you, and discuss what you'd like to achieve during our time working together.


Weekly 45-minute coaching calls (3 per month allowing for an implementation week once per month).

In total, you'll receive 18 calls over the 6-month programme.


Daily access to me via our shared project management system. Here we will create and track new tasks/projects, share relevant docs and files, and where we can message every day - say 'hello' to your new partner in business! I'll be there whenever you need me :)


Regular accountability check-ins throughout the week to help you feel supported, focused and motivated.


Access to all the courses and resources at Mothers of Enterprise for free!

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Coaching should always be viewed as an investment and not just another business cost.

With the right guidance, support and accountability coaching has the ability to catapult your business into success and income beyond your expectations.

My mission with all Thrive Academy clients is that through our work together the investment for this programme pays for itself as quickly and enjoyably as possible.

6-month Thrive Academy Programme

Total £9300

6-month payment plan: £1550 per month

The Thrive Academy programme is by application only, so I can ensure we're a good fit and that I'm 100% confident I can support you. 
If you'd like us to work together, please book a 20min discovery call. I promise these are no pressure, no-obligation calls designed only to have a friendly and relaxed chat about you and your business :)

What's the investment?

What else is on the menu?

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