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Coaching & Coffee Episode 8: How to create and use a vision board

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Join me every week in the Mothers of Enterprise Society (it's free to join so get yourself over there!) for some actionable, concise, business growing, profit making business coaching.

For our next session we cover how to create and use a vision board that actually creates results.

What they are, what they're NOT, what you need to create one, how to select the right things to go on it and most importantly how to actually use it!

This video will take just 30 minutes of your day, perfect for after you have put the kids to bed or when sacred nap time rolls around (my kids don't nap anymore, but I remember those sweet sweet times!)

In this video I'll go through:

▪️ What a vision board actually is, and what it's NOT

▪️ How to create one

▪️ How to think about your goals

▪️ The magic art of selecting the images

▪️ Why vision boards work - when you use them

▪️ Why placement is SO important

▪️ How to actually use a vision board to SEE RESULTS!

If you have any questions on this topic please do get in touch, I love hearing from you.

Our Coaching & Coffee sessions happen every Monday at 9am in our beloved Mothers of Enterprise Society.

If you've got a topic that you'd like me to cover in future Coaching & Coffee sessions, get in touch and let me know!

As always, I appreciate and value your feedback so please let me know in the comments how you found this session, if it was useful for you, or anything you think we could improve on.

As always, wishing you all the success & happiness that life has to offer,


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