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Episode 10: 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting in Business

When I started out in business, Instagram didn’t exist and Facebook Pages weren't a thing yet - yup I’ve really been at this entrepreneurial thing that long. So there weren’t online courses and business coaches dishing out their top tips and tools at every turn like it is now in the wonderful world of social media. In fact, I’m not even sure business coaches like we know them today were a thing back then!

So I spent a good part of a decade figuring it all out alone. From marketing to branding, to product development, to sales, to importing and exporting, to juggling family and military life without losing my sh*t - you name it, I trialled and errored my way through it to create bundles of success and income!

Now over 15 years later I’ve pulled my top 5 lessons that I really wished someone told me when I was starting out. My goodness would it have saved my endless hours and SO much freakin’ money in wrong turns and bad decisions.

So save yourself the stress and frustration and leapfrog over some really common mistakes and misconceptions about business and creating success that not only looks good in your bank account but feels even better in your life and soul.

Whether your business is product-based, service-based or good old fashion bricks and mortar (I’ve had them all!) these 5 lessons will serve you so much as you navigate the world of business and create that wonderful version of success built on YOUR terms.

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