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Episode 16: What is really means to believe in yourself and how to get there to create more revenue

“Believe in yourself” gets thrown around a lot in the positive mindset circles… you can’t scroll Pinterest or IG for too long without seeing some lovely quote about self belief, but what does it actually mean?

What does it really look like and feel like to believe in yourself?

What the heck do you need to be doing if (like MANY of us) you battle with things like imposter syndrome and quite simply, feel quite shitty about yourself?

And, why on earth is it so important for the growth of your business and income?

In this episode I’m unpacking all the answers and as always giving you the action steps to implement straight away!

It’s time to take the reigns of your emotions and thoughts and learn that you’re the captain your state, and not external factors like whatever season of life you’re in, or what other people think or say about you.

You have all the power within you to create unstoppable self belief and in just 20minutes, I’m going to show you how!

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Suzy XO


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