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Episode 45: 6 Steps to Living a Life Free of Pressure and Overwhelm

You know when your most downloaded podcast episode is about dealing with overwhelm, that it’s a mega pain point for your people!

Hence this shiny new episode all about how to relieve those pressures that cause all that exhausting and heavy overwhelm that I know so many battle with.

Heck, I used to be the queen of overwhelm, stress and pressure (🙋‍♀️x3 shingles champion over here!... yup I had it 3 times!) so I know a thing or two about living with it, and even more about how to start paving the path to STOP living with it.

No, it’s not an instant fix.

And no, it’s not just momentary ‘feel good’ advice.

What I share in this episode are the paving stones that will require conscious effort (but not hard work) from you to lay one by one, day by day - but here’s what I can promise you… if you are willing to make the changes, you will feel life and your business get lighter, easier and more spacious than you’ve ever experienced.

I’m also sharing my no.1 piece of advice for reducing the demands of your business!

So journals at the ready for this one as we’re going to be uncovering what these pressures are, where they’ve come from, and how you can ease your grib on unnecessary attachments and expectations that simply aren’t serving you.

In other news…

Got an idea for a business but not sure where to start? Or maybe you’ve started but you have you’re not totally confident you’ve covered those crucial start up bases? I got you beautiful lady!

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As always, wishing you all the success & happiness that life has to offer,

Suzy XO


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