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Episode 49: How to Plan & Project Your Income for 2023

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Join me as I dive into all things income planning for 2023!

Don't fall into the "this is what the experts say" trap of planning in a way that sets you up for a tonne of pressure, unmet expectations and utter confusion.

In this episode, I share exactly how we project and plan income in MoE and how I adjust the planning strategy when working with my clients to allow for the stage of business that they're at.

I’ll walk you through:

👉 the importance of allowing flexibility in your planning

👉why being too strict with your plan can actually hinder your business progress and income next year

👉the most important factor when projecting your income

👉 how to plan if you're years into business or just starting out

👉 the 3 goals we set in MoE every year and why

👉 why tracking this ONE thing can literally make or break your business

So get your spreadsheets out ladies, it’s time to get strategic and plan out our best year yet!

In other news…

Got an idea for a business but not sure where to start? Or maybe you’ve started but you have you’re not totally confident you’ve covered those crucial start-up bases?

I got you beautiful lady!

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Here’s that previous episode about metrics that I mention in the episode:

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As always, wishing you all the success & happiness that life has to offer,

Suzy XO


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