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Episode 56: Navigating Motherhood with an Established Business with Jess Sands

I’m so excited to bring you our very first guest podcast episode!

So, what does it really look like to have an established business and then become a mother?

We talk a lot about starting a business as a mum, but it’s a really different ball game when you’re already a successful business owner, and then have a baby. To talk about her experience navigating this I’ve invited Jess Sands to share what it’s been like for her.

Jess is the founder of the Milspo Business Network, host of the Independent Spouse Podcast, founder and designer at Design Jessica, and a fellow military spouse.

In this episode, we get very real, open and honest about the reality of adapting to mum life with an established business (or businesses in Jess’s case!) and dealing with the challenges of military life.

Tune in to discover:

  • What practical decisions Jess has made to allow her to be a present mum and still available to work in her business

  • What does “work-life” currently look like for Jess and how she feels about it

  • If reality met Jess’s expectations of what it was going to be like being an entrepreneur and then becoming a mama

  • What advice she would give her past pregnant self (this is golden ladies, you’re going to want to listen in for this one!)

  • And if having a baby has altered her dreams/goals for her businesses, and in what way.

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