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Episode 65: The Easiest Way To Grow Your Email List & Get Your Lead Magnet Working Like A Dream

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

My clients will tell you that I’m always barking on about email marketing, and just how vital it is if you’re serious about growing a healthy, sustainable and scalable business.

I recently signed up for a mini-series all about email marketing that was hosted by one of the industry's biggest “coaches/teachers” on the subject (among other things like digital courses and webinars - that might give some indication as to who I’m talking about), and as much as I love and respect her, she made it all sound SO freakin complicated!!

What ended up being an entire week of 60min+ trainings, could’ve SO easily been condensed into a single workshop and I guarantee would’ve enabled more to take action and actually start growing their lists, instead of sitting in total shock looking up at the 38794 steps they needed to take as taught by this “expert”.

And it’s this frustration that inspired this podcast episode!

My speciality is making things as simple as possible when it comes to business because guess what - it really doesn’t have to be complicated to be successful, in fact, the simple things are usually the most successful!

So if you’ve got a lead magnet, or you’re thinking of creating one (or maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about!) either way, I’ve got you covered as I walk you through exactly what your lead magnet’s job is, how to know it’s what your audience actually wants AND NEEDS, and how to actually get people to sign up for it so that you can GROW YOUR EMAIL LIST!


Here’s the link to the ‘how to get started with email marketing’ episode I mention: CLICK HERE

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